You don’t have to break the bank to impress your significant other in the college dating scene.

Here are five simple and creative ideas to try as you’re planning your next date.

Road Trip: See something new. Get away from the stress of school, pack lunches to save some cash and venture to a national park or explore a different city.

Dessert: While a dinner with two entrees could cost your date a full week’s paycheck, try to dress up and get your fancy fix by just ordering dessert at that place all your Instagram followers will not believe you could afford.

Animal Shelter: For the animal lovers, visit your local humane society. A free date playing with puppies without the temptation of taking one home (because your dorm won’t allow it) sounds like a win/win.

Farmer’s Market: Casual yet cute, this date will make you #relationshipgoals as you stroll hand-in-hand through the morning market. Consider taking it a step further by splurging on some flowers for her from a local vendor.

Sunset: Sit back and watch God show off. This date is simple requiring only a blanket and maybe something to snack on. Cuddle and enjoy this time for sweet, intentional conversation.  

Dating in college does not require extravagant, expensive plans.

Something simple can be meaningful and truly, it’s the thought that counts.


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Aly Halbakken
Aly Halbakken grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved to Phoenix, Arizona for college. She is a freelance writer that values her faith and loves all things social media.

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